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Why a Tiki Cruise is Best in Crystal River

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Here is why a Tiki Cruise is Best in Crystal River

Let’s be fair; life has not been easy for everyone in the United States these past few months. Since the pandemic, the world has been dealing with crippling inflation rates. In the United States, we are seeing inflation rates that are the highest in about 40 years.

Everything is expensive, from gas to food and clothes. To meet up with rising bills, everyone has to work more hours. Sadly, working more means building up more stress levels and not having enough time to rest and have fun.

In times like this, when everyone in America is complaining about inflation, a tiki cruise might be helpful. Recent studies have shown that individuals may reap emotional, psychological, and behavioral advantages just by spending time near water and participating in water-related activities such as boating.

One of the best places to get the rest you need is in Crystal River. If you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while on a budget, Tiki Cruise is the place to be. This article will explain why you must take a trip to enjoy Tiki Cruise in Crystal River.

How Tiki Cruise is the Perfect Solution

You might be wondering; how a cruise will solve your stress issues at the moment. The truth is, not any type of cruise will solve your stress problems. Only a special cruise like Tiki Cruise Florida can help.

Tiki cruises have a way of making passengers feel as if they are sailing across the Caribbean. Complete with thatch roofs, sheltered calming breezes, and lovely sea views, these huts are the perfect place to unwind.

Put your feet up, put your worries behind you, and take in the beauty of Crystal River! When you think of the Tiki tours Florida, think of a luxurious bar on the water. The Floating Tiki Bar has a wide variety of options available, but the Tipsy Tiki has proven to be the most popular one thus far.

Every trip comes complete with a trained Captain who will operate the vessel. Bring your refreshments, snacks, and coolers, and be ready to have a good time on the trip. This allows you to ride while drinking knowing that a Captain is in command.

You will be the center of attention as you make your way to the springs while gliding down the river and smiling and waving at all of your fans along the route.

You can book the boat for a few hours during the day and if you want more than just a few hours of pleasure, hire this boat for the whole day. You have complete freedom to do anything you want with it!

There are also special sunset cruises where you can hire the Tiki Cruise boat through the Sunset and spend your supper at one of the renowned restaurants, bars, or entertainment venues located around Crystal River.

On arrival, they will welcome you with open arms and you can explore the local flora and fauna, go for a dip in the freshwater, visit Monkey Island, or go to the Gulf of Mexico through the surrounding islands.

No matter how you want to spend your time, you can be confident that Tiki tours Florida will keep you safe and bring you back to shore with unforgettable experiences. The trip is available to everyone.

Every tiki boat trip is a private excursion. That means that when you rent a boat from Tiki Tours Florida, you alone get to ride in the boat. They won't let anybody else join your group on the ship.

You don’t have to worry about affordability, as Tiki Tours Florida has got you covered with a per person price that is reasonable for anyone.

What is It About a Crystal River Tiki Cruise?

The city of Crystal River is located in western Florida. This beautiful city in Florida has a lot to offer its visitors. The town itself covers an area of around 6.8 square miles and has a population of 3,200 people.

Its location along the Gulf of Mexico in Citrus County contributes to its one-of-a-kind terrain as well as its abundant variety of animal life.

As a result of the abundant animal in the area, the city is home to a national wildlife refuge. The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is located in Kings Bay, supplied by springs, and protects manatees throughout the year.

At the Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge, the boardwalks provide vantage points of the natural springs and the marine mammals. Because of the enormous number of manatees (over 600) that travel to the region annually, it is sometimes referred to as the manatee capital of the world.

The town's numerous warm springs, notably the well-known Three Sisters Springs, play host to hundreds of manatees every winter. Crystal River, together with the adjoining Homosassa River, is the location of the biggest gathering of manatees that can be found anywhere in North America.

The waters of the Crystal River (the river that shares its name with the town) are so incredibly clear that they make this area an ideal location for kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming with manatees.

The Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is home to a large population of animals that have been rehabilitated. You can get to the many animals that have been given as much of their original environment as possible by following one of the concrete trails scattered around the park.

See the beautiful pink flamingos, the manatees floating in the water, the frightening panthers, cougars, bobcats, the adorable otters, the colorful fish, and the terrifying reptiles!

This is an ideal day excursion for families and anybody interested in wildlife since there is plenty to do to keep everyone engaged for a whole afternoon.

To avoid any confusion, the park is not like a zoo in any way. The animals are not kept in cages, and the intention is to be rehabilitated so they may be released back into the wild at some point. In point of fact, there is just one non-native species, which is a hippopotamus with the name Lu.

Observing wild animals in Crystal River provides you with a link to the natural world and might make you feel more rooted. This will help reduce feelings of worry and tension and will contribute to overall well-being.

There are a few enjoyable things to do in Crystal River itself, in addition to the excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing since the town has its unique allure. There is a charming downtown area where you may go shopping, or you can spend the day unwinding in the spectacular Hunter Springs Park.

One of those places you can explore is the Crystal River Archaeological State Park. This historic archaeological site is home to many different types of mounds, including Native American burial mounds, abandoned temple mounds, and platform mounds, as well as many more. It is thought that local indigenous people used the park as a gathering place for rituals in the past.

Native Americans traveled there for 1,600 years to bury their dead and conduct business with members of neighboring tribes. While standing on the temple mound, take in the rich history that lies under your feet.

Make it a point to stop by the museum, the mounds, and the coastal wetlands while you're on your vacation. Because the park is located on the Great Florida Birding Trail, visitors have an excellent opportunity to see several birds that are considered to be of exceptional quality.

Final Thoughts

In times like this, when everyone seems too stressed, taking some time out can be very useful. One of those ideal locations to travel to is Crystal River. Asides from the beautiful clear water, the abundance of wildlife in Crystal River makes it a must-see location.

As you have read, Tiki tours Florida is the best way to enjoy your time at Crystal River. They have a wonderful Tiki Cruise that gives you Caribbean vibes with thatched roofs and plenty of fun.

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